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MEGALODON SHARKS AND MERMAIDS: How the Reality TV Paradigm Teaches Our Kids To Lie

August 6, 2013

Tags: reality tv, DISCOVERY, megalodon, mermaids, kids, documentaries

Imagine this scenario – two ten year olds – a boy and a girl - are poised in anticipation on the edge of the family sofa, waiting for the first show of Shark Week to begin. This year’s first show does not disappoint. It’s a two-hour tour de force of ominous music, leading passive-tense graphics over black screen:

“They are thought to be extinct.
But there is evidence of Megalodon’s existence today.”


A Teen's Viewpoint: REALITY BOULEVARD by Lauren Marie Galley (18)

April 9, 2013

Tags: teens, reality tv, media, media pressures, girls, self-image, Girls Above Society

My organization “Girls Above Society”, helps teen girls face the tough pressures of today’s media-driven society. I immediately bought REALITY BOULEVARD and knew this was a must read. I really wanted to hear more about the inside workings of our crazy media driven society. As an actress and model, I’ve been on many film sets, but I’ve never experienced the reality TV world.

Reposted from Morgen Bailey's Writing Blog "Author Spotlight"

March 29, 2013

Tags: Morgen Bailey, author spotlight, reality tv, Reality Boulevard, novel, Girl Scouts, exploitation, self-image, Hollywood

I’ve always been a fictional storyteller in my soul, even though I spent many years in the non-fiction world. While the object of non-fiction is to communicate the truth, I believe drama and fiction can create a deeper, broader more universal truth than can cold hard facts. Reality Boulevard is my first publishednovel (I wrote a novel in college but it’s what you might expect from a collegiate first novelist) and I’m very excited about the reactions I’ve been getting, both from new readers who know nothing at all about the behind-the-scenes Hollywood I depict in the novel and find it fascinating to learn about, to colleagues in “the business” who’ve lived first hand some of the things my characters experience.

Published Works

Reality Boulevard
"...a book in the tradition of great Hollywood novels, from Carroll and Garrett Graham’s Queer People (1930) to Michael Tolkin’s The Player (1988), and reads like Paddy Chayefsky’s 1976 Network screenplay retooled for the 21st century" - Ken Salikoff, Kirkus Indie Magazine
"In this smart, funny, insightful novel, reality TV becomes all too real...Peltier examines the Hollywood world of writers, producers, rich kids, actors, wannabes and con men with a keen and often compassionate eye. " - Kirkus Reviews
"Once I started reading "Reality Boulevard," I could not stop...this is the best satirical look behind-the-scenes of "reality television" ever written." - Arnold Shapiro, Oscar & Emmy-winning Producer of Scared Straight; Rescue 911; Big Brother
“[Millan] arrives amid canine chaos and leaves behind peace.” —Malcolm Gladwell, The New Yorker
Non-Fiction (Co-Author)
“As complete a tome on the subject as one could want…If the answer you’re looking for in this guide cannot be found, the question is not worth asking...this is an impressive piece of work.” - Bookviews, June 2011